Target reconstruction promises new attractions in store


At the end of the business day on April 11, the DeKalb Target will close its doors in order to be completely torn down and rebuilt.

The store, 2555 Sycamore Road , will be closed for six months and plans to have a grand reopening on Oct. 11.

According to a press release dated Jan. 13, the new store will have updated amenities including a Starbucks, Pizza Hut Express, Target Cafe, Target Pharmacy and Target Photo. Anna

Anderson, Target spokesperson, said these services will be added in order to keep the DeKalb Target consistent with its 1,699 sister stores.

“We look at all of our existing stores on a regular basis in order to update and enhance business,” Anderson said.

While the store is closed, Target employees will be transferred to other Targets in the area and can be rehired once the DeKalb store reopens. Anderson said those looking to work for Target are encouraged to apply as well.

“We start hiring three months before the store opens,” Anderson said. “We look for new team members and will also welcome back existing team members.”

Customers who use the Target pharmacy received a letter in the mail around March 11 informing them of the closing as well as listing steps for them to take in order to ensure their prescriptions continue to be filled. By law, Target is required to transfer all prescriptions to a different location, Anderson said.

Mario Ramirez, sophomore mathematical sciences major, is an avid Target shopper who embraces the rebuilding and remodeling.

“I think it’s great that students will have another [shopping] option instead of always having to go to Wal-Mart,” Ramirez said. “I know I’ll be [at Target] for sure to check it out when it opens again.”

Anderson shares Ramirez’s enthusiasm for the project and expects traffic to remain strong once the new store opens.

“Our goal is to provide a consistent branch of shopping experiences and to be able to offer what our guests want when they want it in an easy-to-shop format,” Anderson said.