President Obama has interview mishap on ‘Tonight Show,’ not meant to be offensive


President Barack Obama appeared for a 25-minute interview Thursday night on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

The two shared a very informative and casual conversation on many current issues spotted with brief spouts of humor. The questions weren’t as tough as they would have been if say Glenn Beck or Larry King were conducting the interview. However, that’s because it was a late night comedy show. This interview wasn’t supposed to be grilling the president or scrutinizing him; it was supposed to be a general platform for the president to sell his plans and ideas to the masses.

For being an interview on a late night comedy show, it seemed very informative.

Most of the interview time was spent talking about the current financial issues, which Obama gave his standard outlook of hope to a brighter future.

The last five minutes, however, were reserved for casual friend-to-friend talk about the lifestyle changes with becoming the President of the United States. That’s when Obama got himself into a small spot of controversy.

During the interview, Obama joked that his 129 bowling game was like the Special Olympics. Many people felt offended by this comment, but let’s take a step back. This was a very casual comment made between two friends. It’s no more offensive then what is said between two people in their living room. The only reason why this is such a big deal is that the president said it on national television.

But why can’t the president make a joke, even a bad one?

Granted, Obama should probably refrain from such jokes, but people need to appreciate the fact that the president felt so relaxed that he made the comment.

This interview allowed the public to see a more real side of Obama, instead of one that stands at a podium and lives in the White House.

Everyone offended needs to relax and realize that yes, it was an offensive joke, but it was just a joke, a small one at that, more like a comment.

I realize that words do hurt, maybe significantly more coming from the president, but he wasn’t making any personal attacks. It was just a simple comment that didn’t hinder the interview.

At the end of the day, there are a few things to realize. Obama made a small comment, which he apologized for, that may have been offensive. It wasn’t meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, and he should probably let the comedians make that joke next time.