Boring stories

With the wide diversity of readers The Northern Star has – NIU’s faculty, 20,000 or so students, etc., I cannot understand why this newspaper continues to run a greek House of the Week column.

This greek column is not newsworthy and pertains to a low percentage of readers – the greek community.

Each week the “same” portrait shot of a fraternity or sorority house appears next to a boring article. Writing about a group of students living in one building under one name is neither interesting nor informative.

These articles are boring because there is nothing that has happened, there is nothing to report. Quotes like those from the Nov. 3 issue are anything but interesting – “in the time we’ve been in this house, many different people have lived here” and “I’m learning a lot that I can use after graduation.”

These articles are not reporting anything significant or different, just fraternity or sorority life. Why not write a weekly column including all college life? The column could be about married college life one week, apartment life the next, dorm life, etc.

This weekly column is solely written for the greek community. The Star’s readership covers a large variety of readers – both NIU students & NIU staff members and faculty. It doesn’t seem logical to continue to print articles on such a narrowly focused topic.

Aaron Klopfenstein