‘The International’ lacks action and thrills


The International – 6/10

‘The International’ all starts with a murder that was seemingly wrapped-up and called accidental. Interpol agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen), however, catches wind of some confusing details that leads him into a twisting story to topple a large international bank.

With the help of Manhattan’s assistant district attorney Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts), the two follow the evidence closer and closer to the source of corruption that lies at the head of a large and influential international bank.

With a plot like this and some exciting trailers, most would expect this to be a pretty good action-thriller. I wish it lived up to that expectation.

It wasn’t that “The International” was terrible; it just feels like it is lacking something and doesn’t satisfy the viewers’ need for a smart and action packed thriller.

At times the film was exciting, but for the most part, the thrill is lacking. The shoot out in an art museum is really the only heavy action scene as most of the time the two detectives are trailing and following up leads.

It also hurts that the main characters are not at all interesting. Owen’s character is simplistic with little development, as is the same for Watts’. In fact, it feels like Watts was barely in the movie as she isn’t a key player in the story.

This being director Tom Tykwer’s first large U.S. production, it simply isn’t enough. The story needs more suspense and better character development. As a thriller starring Owen, most would expect a fast-moving picture like “Shoot ‘Em Up” or “Sin City.” Yet, there is little action and not a strong enough story line to be compared to a better Owen film like “Inside Man.”

To top it all off, the ending is very abrupt and provides for a great surprise for the viewer at the last second. This sudden conclusion provides enough detail for a sense of closure, but like the rest of the movie, it feels like something is lacking.