The best of … Super Bowl commercials


Oh, the Super Bowl.

A yearly end-all battle of pride and glory to see who shall be crowned the best of the best. It’s a time for a nation to come together and celebrate an epic game with chips and salsa, cheering for your team to beat the spread and of course … commercials. The Super Bowl marks the one time a year when viewers get excited and actually wait for the commercials to grace the television screen.

This year, like previous years, has provided us viewers with some great commercials:


Doritos – “Crystal Ball”

This commercial was so sudden and unexpected. Never would I have thought to use a crystal ball to break into a vending machine for a bag of Doritos. To cap it all off, throwing it at the boss’s crotch was just the icing on the cake.

Bridgestone – “Moon Car”

Astronauts bouncing along, having a blast in their moon rover and listening to the 1994 classic “Jump Around” by House of Pain can only bring a smile. Then their escapade gets trumped by some car-jacking aliens, allowing for a bellowing laugh.

Failed at being funny:

Bud Light – “Swedish Conan O’Brien”

It was just awkward and disturbing to see Conan in that form. I personally expected something funnier with the duo of Conan and Bud Light tagged up in a commercial. This spot’s likability was incredibly low, considering the talent involved.

Best movie trailer:

“Fast and the Furious”

Although the trailer for “Transformers 2” was action packed and teased most of America with a sequel to the summer blockbuster, the surprise trailer for “Fast and the Furious” got people totally jacked to see Vin Diesel and Paul Walker bring the overdone franchise back to basics for a fourth installment.

Most sentimental:

Pepsi – “Each Generation Refreshes”

It was touching and interesting to see how things have changed but have fundamentally stayed the same throughout the generations. This ad tied everything together and didn’t seem to be shoving the product down viewers’ throats but gently dropped the product name at the end.



Past Super Bowls usually push the limit of beer and skimpily dressed women. This year seemed to be lacking that as the only commercial in this genre worth mentioning was the girls in the courtroom. I guess gone are the days of the cat fights over good taste and less filling.

Best use of 3-D:

“Monsters vs. Aliens”

The new 3-D trend struck well with the football audience and is slowly solidifying itself as the new way to watch movies and TV. This ad for the upcoming computer-generated imagery movie showcased that the best.