College is no place for fights


Going to college is a privilege. It’s the opportunity for all that hard work and dedication to finally pay off, to strive for graduation and careers. It’s a chance to show independence and maturation. But the recent fights and other disruptions at the Grant residence halls have shown that not all college students mature beyond high school drama. Responsibility is among the key attributes that apply to college students. The high school principal isn’t here to call students into the office to discuss problems. So what happens when the immature become independent and provoked?

Last week, a video was posted on YouTube labeled “Grant lobby Northern,” showing a fight between two women. Shortly after, but possibly unrelated, Grant South closed the doors on its lobby until last week. Housing and Dining said the lobby was closed because of fights that had occurred, which raises the question: Why is this happening?

Though the cause is still being investigated, one thing is clear: violence on campus cannot be tolerated. Thousands of dollars, whether it’s from parents, scholarships or out of students’ own pockets, is being spent to come to college and get an education, not to throw down in a residence hall lobby. Why would anyone think it’s appropriate to waste that money by causing a violent disruption?

College is a place to grow up and prepare for the real world, not YouTube stardom. If a student really expects to come away from college with respect, fighting is the wrong road to take. Not only is it a bad choice for the individual, but it also reflects negatively on all NIU students, faculty and alumni. These acts reflect poorly on our school and all the good, well-mannered students who attend this university to better themselves. No one should have to tolerate immaturity or violence to attend college.

After the shooting that occurred here last February, this campus needs no more violence. In fact any act, threat or display of violence at NIU is unacceptable. This campus doesn’t need to be brought back under the microscope.

Students, remember why you came to DeKalb. This is a place of higher education and higher standards. If you cannot keep your composure, if you believe that violence solves problems and if you think that your personal conflicts should disrupt daily life for other students, there is no place for you here.