Window shopping for DeKalb singles


Matt Todd, freshman music education major, has been on plenty of dates during his time at NIU.

“I’ve been on some dates,” Todd said. “I went on a blind date recently. It was really awkward, and I did most of the talking.”

Todd, like many other single NIU students, is always looking for more ways to meet new people. However, finding hot spots to scope out singles is a problem for some.

“Bars are the stereotypical place to meet people,” Todd said. “But I want it to be in a natural environment.”

Although bars may have a reputation for star-crossed meetings, Jeff Dobie, owner of Fatty’s Pub & Grille, 1312 West Lincoln Highway, said he makes sure to focus on the food first.

“We’re not a club or a typical college bar,” Dobie said. “We have a good cross section of people including students, teachers and local residents. It’s not too serious for a date, and it’s a good first social outing.”

However, Dobie does admit that drinking may make people more apt to be outgoing, but he stressed that it is not just the alcohol.

“It seems that if the people around you are in a social atmosphere, that whole vibe is what causes people to relax, not just the alcohol.” Dobie said.

Michael Fitzgerald, owner of Java 101, 901 Lucinda Ave. Suite I, said bars are not the only place to find new people.

“A lot of couples come in here to meet up,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s a good atmosphere to chat. It’s safe, everybody’s sober, and you see what you get.”

In order to bring variety to his customers, Java 101 has a different event every day of the week. Fitzgerald prides himself on being the only facility with live entertainment that does not serve alcohol.

“I’m here to offer an alternative to that scene,” Fitzgerald said. “We get a lot of good jazz and have open mic nights every Monday where anything goes.”

Despite his less-than-favorable luck thus far on the dating scene, Todd refuses to give up.

“You’ve got to have hope or you’ll be bummed out all the time,” Todd said. “I’ll just keep plugging along.”