DeKalb ice rink making good business this season


The first winter season scored a perfect 10 for the DeKalb Community Ice Skating Rink.

The rink, located on the corner of First and Locust streets, was one of many projects worked on by both Re:New DeKalb and the City of DeKalb.

Jennifer Groce, executive director of Re:New DeKalb, said the ice rink is making good business.

“We don’t have the final totals, but early indications are that we have had a positive response and good turnout,” Groce said.

Ice rink employee Sarah Dalfonso said the rink was doing well because it is a new sight for DeKalb residents.

“[In winter], people are looking to ice skate,” Dalfonso said. “It’s a date scene. A lot of people also come because of the synthetic ice.”

The “ice” is made of a synthetic polymer substrate which does not need equipment to keep it frozen, meaning that the rink can be open yearlong.

Devon Harriss, freshman illustration major and DeKalb resident, has not visited the skating rink yet but would like to in the future.

“I think [the rink] is a good idea,” Harriss said. “It’s different from everything else around here.”

The surface of the rink, however, is suitable for more than ice skates.

“The surface is appropriate for ice skates of all kinds, hockey skates and rollerblades,” Groce said.

Although rollerblades could be used during the warmer seasons, Groce said there are no plans for the summer program yet.

Dalfonso said she hoped the rink would continue to have success in the future despite negative feedback from some customers.

“A lot of people have given [the rink] a bad rep,” Dalfonso said. “I think people will like it more during warmer weather.”