Obama should be covered as president, not celebrity


Major media corporations need to snap out of it. It’s time to cover Barack Obama as President and not an A-list celebrity.

The coverage of Barack Obama’s historic run to be the 44th president has been loud and colorful since his victory over Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in November. Obama has been able to fly below the negative radar, however, which can only lead to a bigger downfall during his term.

The media, especially in Washington, serves as a government watchdog.

This role has been lost, leading up to today’s inauguration.

The media is acting more like Obama’s lapdog than his watchdog.

Now that Obama is plastered on the cover of magazines, newspapers, commemorative coins, T-shirts and even action figures, a problem is already brewing in Washington.

What will happen the first time Obama makes a bad or unpopular decision? Will the media roll over and coddle him like they have over the last few years or will they tear him apart? We’re thinking the latter.

The expectations for the new administration are at an all-time high. Obama made many promises on the campaign trail that he needs time to implement.

He is human, just like George W. Bush, just like Bill Clinton and just like everyone else in this country. Mistakes will be made by the new administration. “Change” does not happen overnight despite what many people are hoping.

The United States will more than likely be running the same way on Wednesday that it was on Monday.

Today is historic and should be covered. However, in the days, weeks and months that follow, Obama needs time to deliver the changes he promised.

Both the media and Obama need to be held accountable in their jobs.