Give thanks

In response to Pete Schuh’s article of Nov. 17, I’d like to thank you for acknowledging that not all Christians want to share the Good News. You asked why people are cramming the Bible down people’s throats. The reason—they’re sharing a good thing. If you drove a great car, or saw an awesome movie or learned something really inspiring, wouldn’t you want to tell people? Well it’s kind of the same thing, on a larger scale. It’s more than a great book about a great guy who does and says great things. The Holy Bible is a book about the Great Adventure—life and eternity with the one who loves you and made you.

As far as having faith in yourself, it’s not a bad thing. Instead, have faith in yourself to perform your God-given gifts and talents to the best of your ability. That’s right, the eyes you’re reading this with, and the fingers and hands you use to turn the pages of the Star, and the brain that lets you process this information are all God-given. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, remember to give thanks, since God has given you so much.

In reference to the preacher yelling and “giving God a bad rep” he made you think, didn’t he? Maybe it’s not his delivery or style that will make you take a second look at Christianity, but the essence of his message that will get you to ask yourself, and others, some important questions. As a member of Campus Crusade for Christ I invite you to come by. We meet on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. in HSC 305, or you can contact me and we can talk. Crusade has really shown me that the Bible and God really do fit in my life today.

Ivette Rodriguez