Dissecting the new season of CSI


For any serious “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” fan, the first five episodes of the ninth season

have been huge.

Warrick Brown’s death is still fresh in the team’s mind, Sara Sidle leaving Gil Grissom is big, Grissom is unfocused and not sleeping due to a rigorous work schedule and other emotional problems, but the biggest change in the new season is the new addition to the Las Vegas team, the fiery and spunky Riley Adams.

After three episodes I feel that it is time to dissect the role of Lauren Lee Smith as Riley Adams. Her debut episode, episode three of season nine, was very strong and profiled her as a quick, comedic character that seemed to mesh well with the established, yet crumbling Vegas team.

There are many scenes where her comedic and playful attitude is showcased, like when she was describing how she got her false teeth to medical examiner Dr. Albert Robbins. The most recent episode features her finding a box filled of leather S&M equipment at the victim’s house and comments “What does it say about me that I always fine the dirty stuff?”

Scenes like these give “CSI” a much needed comedic outcry and a fresh young feel to it that generally benefits the series. Too bad the audience had to lose one favorite and original character, Warrick Brown, in order to gain a new possibly favorite character.

Although I’ll miss Brown deeply, I feel that Riley Adams is a fresh, fun and attitude filled character with the potential for a very assertive role in the cast. If some audience members are skeptical of her than I feel they should give her a few more episodes in order to fully evolve and become more introduced.

On that note I must also address quite possibly the biggest, most upsetting and tragic news relating to “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” the departure of William Peterson as Gil Grissom.

For some time now it has been reported that Peterson will be leaving the show as a main character but will still be seen periodically throughout future episodes.

This is most likely the downfall of “CSI.” Most audience members were saddened by Brown’s death, but now that Grissom is leaving too, the audience will surely become outraged and even give up on the Las Vegas series.

Brown was a fan favorite and original “CSI” member that everyone connected with. But Grissom is more than that.

Grissom’s smart, witty, fascinating and charismatic attitude made CSI famous. His one-liners right before the opening credits make for the best intro. Personally it was mainly Grissom who made me keep coming back to the series.

The series has already lost three of the show’s favorite and original characters, Sara Sidle, Warrick Brown and now Gil Grissom, their boss. When Grissom leaves this season, it will be interesting how and if the TV series will be able to stand.

I imagine Grissom will leave gracefully and honorably, giving Catherine Willows his job as shift supervisor and she’ll promote next most senior CSI Nick Stokes. The series will then probably introduce another new character in order to supplement the dwindling cast.

I predict that the series will not be able to stand without Gil Grissom. I will personally watch the rest of the season and maybe stick around for the first few episodes of the next, but if something or someone interesting doesn’t happen in that time period, then I feel it will be case closed for “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”