Pittsley to concede management duties of specific properties to S&E


Dec. 1 marks a new beginning for S&E Properties and Management. The company plans to take over management from Pittsley Realty.

Tenants that are affected by the change were notified via mail in early November. The affected buildings include four complexes on Spiros Court, four on Regent Drive and two on Fotis Drive.

S&E Secretary Nicolette Salsbury said the decision to manage the properties came after wanting to manage a newly opened building.

“We decided we would run all of our buildings at the same time,” Salsbury said.

J.T. Murray, office manager of Pittsley Realty, said a change like this has happened in the past and is common for management companies like Pittsley.

“We manage properties for 32 other owners, and this owner wants to run his own,” Murray said.

Murray also said the change in management was planned.

“It’s something we’ve been working for quite a while,” Murray said. “We showed them how to take it over.”

The changes were not due to any ill relations between Pittsley and S&E, Salsbury said.

Both Murray and Salsbury noted that prices and policies would stay the same.

Salsbury said the change in management was a positive one.

“It’s going to be for the better,” Salsbury said. “We want to maintain our buildings and we want to make a good impression.”

Kate McBride, speech-language pathology graduate student and Pittsley tenant, is okay with the management change, but wishes she was notified sooner.

“It really doesn’t bother me,” McBride said. “However, I didn’t get any notice until the changes were final. I just wish they would’ve let me know earlier.”