Alleged BB gun shooters should be expelled from fraternity


Four words express the emotion connected to the actions of three individuals.

What were you thinking?

Allegedly Andrew J. Blunier, Zachary R. Jaydos and Alberto Saldana shot individuals with a BB gun from a second floor window of the Phi Sigma Kappa house. Two people were hit.

The fact that this event took place at a fraternity is inconsequential when compared to the sheer thoughtlessness which motivated this event.

Any member of the NIU, DeKalb and Sycamore communities should be aware of the sensitive nature of our campus.

Acts of violence should not be tolerated in any fashion.

The individuals who decided to do this in no way represent the fraternity they belong to or the school they attend.

With that said, Phi Sigma Kappa should take immediate action against these three members.

Allowing them to be disciplined and remain members of the fraternity is inexcusable. They should face immediate removal.

A fraternity is supposed to be a select organization. There is a general feeling of standards to which members of a fraternity should live up to.

Phi Sigma Kappa can in no way defend this behavior, and hopefully its members won’t try to do so.

Everyone at this school is an adult. Being an adult calls for sound judgment. Being an adult means considering the ramifications of your actions.

And it most importantly means knowing the type of environment you live in.

These three men in no way considered their actions.

If they had, this event simply would not have occurred.

So, the question must be asked:

Andrew J. Blunier, Zachary R. Jaydos and Alberto Saldana, what were you thinking?