Local restaurants adopt online ordering systems


Stores have sold products online for years, and it looks as if dining establishments are following suit.

Online ordering is a step forward into an easier way to order food, and a number of DeKalb food establishments, from Pizza Hut to Potbelly’s, are taking advantage of the new system.

Amy Schmidt, general manager of Pizza Hut, 701 W. Lincoln Highway, has been using the online ordering system for some time. She said the system has been available for the last three to four years and thinks it is very convenient.

Chris Tomaras, general manager of Toppers, 1015 E. Lincoln Highway, has only been using the system since August and said online ordering is a step in the right direction.

“It’s where everyone is going,” Tomaras said.

Cara Crull, freshman physical therapy major, has not ordered food online yet but is willing to use the system in the future.

“[I would order online] because I don’t actually have to make a phone call,” Crull said. “Online, you can take your time. There’s no pressure.”

Both general managers said the day and time are factors in whether ordering online is faster than ordering via phone.

“Ordering online would definitely be faster during the lunch buffet or on Friday nights,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt also said ordering online has helped profits.

“[The profit] is not as significant as other places, but it helps,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt added there are some regulars that only order online.

Both managers said there are not many problems with the online ordering system, although Schmidt said there have been problems during bad weather.

Tomaras said online ordering will eventually be the next step for all businesses.

“It’s something you can only avoid for so long,” Tomaras said. “So many people use it … it’s only a matter of time. Next is texting.”