Need some distraction? Check out these sites


I wouldn’t say that am the best at procrastinating, but I know how to get distracted enough that I tend to do things last minute.

I have found some amazing internet sites that have aided me in my venture to get distracted from what needs to be done.

First and foremost is the infamous social networking website When trying to procrastinate, Facebook is a great tool that I am sure many people have utilized. Somehow on Facebook, there is always a way to spend an hour or two checking up on friends.

But when serious about procrastinating for more than an hour, there are better websites out there.

Gaming websites like and are among the ones that I most frequently visit for several hours.

There is no better website than a gaming website to distract you from whatever it is you need to do. The two I listed hold hours of distracting and entertaining games. Both are free and have many games for anyone to use to their distracting benefits. holds more action and shooting games, but also has strategy and puzzle games. However, features card, puzzle, and board games among many other section.

A taunting section on is the freebie casino, a good way to start a gambling addiction.

The only problem with is for some games, pogo requires you to sign up and make a screen name. It’s still free, but also obnoxious to keep constantly signing in. On the contrary, is a simple click and then play.

I am sure in the ever increasing internet there are many different ways to distract yourself, forcing procrastination. But these three sites always seem to get the job done.