Who designed it?

I want to know, who was the idiot that designed the obstacle course on Lucinda Avenue? Did they ever stop to think that drivers would like to make a LEFT turn into or out of D lot or the driveway by Neptune North? Not only do the students use these lots, but also delivery people, large semi trucks and garbage trucks. The barrier that is now in place prohibits all drivers from turning left. And this is not only on the south side of the street. The apartments and houses on the north side of the street are in the same situation. To get to their homes, they must enter Lucinda in the westbound direction, or else—oh no!—they would have to make a U turn just like the residents on the south side of the street! The designers remembered to put breaks in the barrier for the streets, why couldn’t they remember to leave room for driveways, too? I’m sure that if VCB had been cut off from the eastbound lane, the owners would have had a meeting with the university to discuss change in the plans. It really alarms me when I think that the university can be so uncaring towards student concerns that they neglect to think about accessibility to their homes.

This whole project has been a great inconvenience to everyone. If it had been a little better thought out, it would have been worth the inconvenience. But now that it is four-fifths done, it’s in the way, and it’s too late to go back and make revisions. Why doesn’t NIU think before it spends our tuition?

Megan Janiszewski


Physical Therapy