Bill Foster for U.S. Representative from the 14th Congressional District


We feel Democrat Bill Foster would be the most appropriate candidate for the U.S. Representative from the 14th Congressional District.

Upon review of his current work as interim representative, it is clear that he is a valued member of the House of Representatives and the 14th District.

He has already been placed on a house finance committee, which was the reason he was not able to make an NIU voter rally last week.

With Foster’s background in science and business, he is the better candidate as he is not from the same mold as many other politicians.

In comparison to his opponent, Republican Jim Oberweis, it is shown that Foster should continue his work in Washington.

Oberweis, who has also run in multiple races without success, has no political experience.

It is the opinion of the Star that Foster has been fulfilling his duties as representative and should remain in this position for the next two years.