‘Clone Wars’ worth your Friday night time


When thinking of the tagline “the saga continues,” some may think the new TV series “The Clone Wars,” an animated spinoff from the infamous “Star Wars” franchise. Some may say the show is overkill and the franchise should be laid to rest.

Some may have been waiting years for something new from the franchise. Some may think that George Lucas’ pockets are feeling a little empty in this failing economy so he is putting out a new CG animated movie and TV series to supplement his wealth.

Well, I don’t know about the latter part but I do know that this new TV series is well worth watching on Friday nights.

“The Clone Wars” follows the Jedi-led Republic Clone Army and young Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano in the fight for the Galaxy against the Separatist and the Droid army.

Premiering last Friday on Cartoon Network, I was cautious about watching this. Since it was on Cartoon Network and not Adult Swim, I didn’t know if this show was going to be too kid oriented.

I was afraid of this being a nice, everyone-wins, childish continuation of the recently released CG animated movie “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

My fears were suppressed when I was blown away by the first two episodes. This TV series is a serious contender and a great extension of the “Star Wars” franchise. “The Clone Wars” only clones the well-known characters, but takes a fresh new look at everything else in the “Star Wars” galaxy.

First and foremost, the CG animation was phenomenal, it appeared to be ripped right from a big budget movie. The storylines for both episodes were very single-minded and didn’t twist or evolve much, but was entertaining nonetheless.

Both episodes were action packed, again showing off the spectacular CG sequences.

If worried about the TV series being too focused on kids, have no fear, it easily suits all viewers.