Voters taking action

Hurray for DeKalb voters, who used their strength to make a change. No voter apathy here!

With an undeniable ballot holler, the voters told the school board they want change and if that means replacing what they have now, that’s how it will happen. It was by a two-to-one margin at the school board elections Nov. 2 that voters let their message hit home.

The two incumbents, Pat Brown, current board president, and John Rey, were replaced with the new faces of Mary Lee Cozad and Suzanne Lambercht. This turnover was attributed to voter disenchantment with the current board, its policies and its direction.

As a result of their elections, Cozad said voters will get “a reordering of priorities.”

If the candidates are true to their platform, this reordering means more concentration on getting quality education for DeKalb students. It also means obtaining this goal through using the current level of incoming taxes and keeping the school district out of debt.

One must think that the board’s handling of this fall’s 12-day teacher’s strike was also a motivational factor when this year’s voters cast their ballots.

Regardless of what the reasons, the votes have been counted, the faces have been changed and now we wait to see where the results will take DeKalb schools. The new members voted in do not make up the entire board, but with them comes the community’s agenda for change. Let’s hope the entire board will work with the new members to make the changes the people want.

The voters have done their part in acquiring a better school system for their children, now it’s the boards’ duty to follow their lead.

Good luck to the new members. We hope you find that better road to travel, because a better school board only means one thing—better education for this community’s children.