Movie franchises that should end


Two widely known franchises, “Saw” and “High School Musical,” took top spots at the box office this weekend. Now in my personal opinion I feel that both franchises are overdone, exhausted and need to be stopped.

But the box office numbers say differently. I understand that for some reason both movies have a rock hard cult-like fan base that continues to put these tired franchises on top of the box office. So instead of attempting to prove to ignorant fans why these franchises aren’t worth the dollars anymore let’s shine some light on other franchise that should stop while they are ahead.

“Shrek”: The original “Shrek” was amazing and able to relate to kids and adults. “Shrek 2” was just as redeeming. Then “Shrek the Third” just failed miserably, simply because it was too much too soon.

In order to have a successful franchise it’s important to space all the movies out across the years. Which is why I feel “Saw” isn’t worth the money because it’s the same thing as last year.

As if to attempt for some redemption “Shrek Goes Fourth” is in pre-production and slated to be released in 2010, I am not looking forward to this at all. “Shrek” is a great example of a franchise that pushed its luck and should have stopped after the sequel.

“Lethal Weapon”: In an October 6, 2008 interview actor Columbus Short (“Quarantine”) revealed to that he has been considered for a role in the rumored “Lethal Weapon 5.” The whole “Lethal Weapon” franchise was extremely successful and an amazing police movie. However, I can’t comprehend why certain people feel the need to resurrect this amazing franchise. The franchise ended on a good note, why risk ruining the name by creating a potential bombshell?

Thankfully the fifth installment hinges on the cooperation of Mel Gibson who, according to an October 13, 2008 article by, has reportedly passed on the role. Thank you Mel for not letting the franchise you and Danny Glover build get overdone and ran into the ground.

“Die Hard”: Somehow Bruce Willis was able to make it work for a fourth time. I just hope he doesn’t push his luck with a fifth installment. After his ridiculous action scenes from “Live Free, Die Hard,” which included launching a car into a flying helicopter, it’s questionable if the 53 year-old actor can keep up in the high-octane action franchise. I was against “Live Free, Die Hard” because some things should be left alone. Timeless classic movies like “Die Hard” should be left as just that, timeless classics.

Now while thinking of movie franchises that should not be continued James Bond crossed my mind. But under further review I feel that the franchise recently went through a much-needed revival with Daniel Craig.

Back in the Pierce Brosnan era I started growing tired with the franchise. The plots and Brosnan were becoming tedious and overdone. But with Graig’s fresh new face and a returning director “Casino Royal” changed my opinion about the franchise. With the premier of “Quantum Solace” around the corner we will see if Craig can keep the Bond name in good standings and be able to carry the franchise on his back.

In Conclusion I feel that classic movie franchises that haven’t been made in a decade, like “Lethal Weapon” and “Die Hard”, should be left alone. Directors, writers, and producers should stop attempting to make a buck by reviving timeless classics and get original. Let the classics stay in their display cases at the museum of amazing movies.

In regards to newer movie franchises they need to learn to space the movies apart so they don’t get worn out, like “Saw.” With time comes anticipation and therefore makes the movie that much enjoyable. Also if the franchise has run its course, like “Shrek,” let it end on a successful note, don’t keep making more and more movies to try and bank on its original success.