Great actors: Why star in terrible films?


While browsing, I came across the name “Gigli.”

I immediately thought of the 2003 epic failure of a movie that starred a decent actor, Ben Affleck. This got me thinking about other good actors who have starred in terrible movies. Here’s an examination of three actors who have talent, but make some bad, bad career choices.

3) Samuel L. Jackson

He’s not the best actor by any means, but a respectable one nonetheless. Jackson has many popular and equally good movies on his record like “Coach Carter,” “Rules of Engagement” and “Black Snake Moan.” The intense actor is a reputable entity in Hollywood, but when he stars in laughable movies like “Snakes on a Plane” or “Deep Blue Sea,”I wonder what was he thinking. A snake epidemic on an airplane? Come on, Jackson; even you are better than that!

2) Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has starred in some fantastic movies throughout his career. He’s made “National Treasure” a gem, he was the face of “Face/Off,” and he earned an Oscar for his role in “Leaving Las Vegas.” But then after all that hard work, he spits on his resume with movies that were destined to be bad, like “Ghost Rider.” Cage, were you really that desperate for a paycheck that you decided lighting your head on fire was a good idea? And what’s with the hair weave, man?

1) Adam Sandler

Why must Sandler degrade himself and his career as a comedian with his last film “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan?” Everyone knows he is funnier than that Borat ripoff; he established it in “50 First Dates,” “Billy Madison”and “Happy Gilmore.” Sandler even demonstrated that he could go outside the realm of comedy with the dramatic “Reign Over Me.” Why fall into a hole with the Zohan character? A little advice from a fan and critic: Don’t mess with another Zohan type movie. Sandler, you deserve a better movie and a better character.