The aura of hospital television shows


What’s in a hospital? What is so interesting about hospitals and the medical field that there are

so many shows revolving around them? We have shows like “House,” “ER,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and

“Scrubs,” which are all very popular and all very good shows. So what is magical about hospitals that make it such a good place to have a TV show based on? Well I don’t have a straight answer, but here’s some suggestions why:

1. They have people dying.

This is perfect for TV dramas and apparently comedies too, as “Scrubs” still finds us a way to laugh at death and sickness. But when looking for a way to touch the viewer’s hearts and make them weep a little, then a person on their death bed is a sure-fire method. With death, there are lots of emotions to be felt, not only from the person dying but also the doctors and nurses that try so hard to prolong their life.

2. Hospitals are exciting.

They are 24-hour machines that always have something going on. If it’s not sorting people out in the emergency room, then it’s the ambulance with a person bleeding out on the gurney. When that’s taken care of it’s time to check up on the grandma that complained about chest pains.

3. There are always the weird cases.

Audiences seem to love to see the weird and odd things in life, that’s why we have TV shows like “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” and “World’s Most Amazing Videos.” In hospitals, there seems to be someone that has a pipe piercing through their body, some odd deformity, someone with a body part going the other way, or in the case of “House,” someone with an unheard of, and what seems to be a border-line fictional disease.

4. It allows people to think they’re a doctor too.

After a full season of watching heroic procedures and listen to doctor jargon an hour a week, you’ll find yourself saying medical terms in an everyday conversation.

5. A surplus of people.

Hospitals are busy places with lots of employees that interact with each other on a daily basis. It’s interesting to see arguments and drama spill out on the operating table. Even though they just went through a tough break-up, they can still come together and save Timmy’s life. Everyone is most likely to go to a hospital at least once in his or her life. That means while in a hospital you can meet all kinds of people with different personalities, different backgrounds and all with their own stories.

6. They are shows for hypochondriacs.

You can easily catch-up on all of the diseases and other things that could go wrong in your life.