Don’t over hype good films


It has recently come to my attention that some people have yet to see the summer blockbuster “The Dark Knight.”

With everyone raving about it, I think we are doing those individuals who have yet to see it a disservice. When these people who have been living under a rock eventually see the movie, their expectations are going to be so astronomically high that the movie will be a failure to them. The commercials are not to blame for giving a movie too much hype because that is what they are designed for. Besides, commercials rarely ruin the movie by showing all the punch lines and plot twists, it’s the individuals that ruin a movie.

I experienced this myself once.

I recently saw the movie “Tropic Thunder” after many suggestions from a friend saying that it was hysterical. He repeated all the lines and built it up as this hilarious comedy. However, I was disappointed by it. Sure it had a few moments of laughter, but it wasn’t the comedy that I expected.

This happened to me before with the movie “Iron Man,” “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and various others. I find that people build some films as the greatest movie ever, then when that friend goes to see said movie, it is ruined because it wasn’t what they expected.

So for the good of all the great movies out there, don’t ruin it by over exaggerating and re-enacting all the lines from it. Let the people experience it on their own. If you believe that it’s the greatest movie ever just say, “It was very good and I highly suggest you go see it.”

That’s all it takes.