Video game to movie route can provide exciting releases


While looking at a list of upcoming movies for the month of October, one title stuck out to me more than all others, “Max Payne.”

That’s right, the shoot-em-up video game is being released as a live action movie on the big screen Oct. 17. It surprised me to see that there is another video game getting turned into a movie, which made me think what other video games will Hollywood get its hands on.

So far there are some exciting prospects in the works. According to an list of upcoming movies based on video games, we can look forward to a few rousing titles.

Some of these titles include “Tekken,” to be released in 2009, “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time,” slated for 2010 and a few others that are still in the first stages of production. With Hollywood in a phase of adapting anything into a movie, it’s a good time to bring out some video game titles to the big screen.

All preceding adaptations of video games like “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “Hitman,” and “Resident

Evil,” have had decent runs at the box office, so it’s no surprise that directors and producers will continue to make more film adaptations. From watching the “Max Payne” trailer, this should be a great film adaptation of the video game that is certain to stun audiences with terrific action scenes and amazing cinematography.

But I think there needs to be some restraint in adapting different formats into movies. I bet if you ask any true “Harry Potter” fan they’ll tell you that although the movies are spectacular, they don’t compare to the detail given by the books. The same goes for Broadway plays, graphic novels and especially video games, as I think they are best kept as they are.

There is a certain satisfaction that comes to you when walking into a room full of bad guys and beating them down with your favorite combo in your favorite video game. There’s a satisfaction received after turning the last page of a good book. The satisfaction is there after hearing the live unaltered voices fill the air of a musical, and although everyone wants to see their favorite characters on the big screen, you can’t receive that same satisfaction gained while playing the game, reading the book or watching the musical.

Hollywood should come up with their own ideas and not hog all the glory by turning every book, Broadway play, graphic novel, and video game into a movie.