Armed robbers shoot delivery man in the foot

By Chelsea Irving

University Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred in the Grant Towers South lobby early Sunday morning.

NIU Police Sgt. Ralph Taylor said a gun was fired at a Lukulo’s Pizza delivery man by one of three subjects as he was pursuing them through the lobby. The victim, Lung Do, was struck in the shoe, injuring his foot.

Taylor said the subjects then fled northwest through the B tower.

Do, a student of Kishwaukee Community College, said he was delivering submarine sandwiches when he saw a group of seven men standing in the lobby. He said three of the men took the food without paying and fled toward the elevator while the other four ran out the front door. Do then ran after the three men who fled with the food.

“When I had almost caught up to them, one of them turned around and shot at me,” Do said.

Although he declined medical treatment, Do said his foot was grazed by the bullet, which was lodged between the sole of his shoe and his foot.

There is no description of any of the seven subjects available from NIU Police; however, Do described the three as black males, about six feet tall, between 140 and 170 pounds, all in their early 20s.

He said the man who fired the gun was wearing a black leather jacket and one other man was wearing black clothing with White Sox lettering on it.

The name of the person who ordered the food has not been released, but she does not appear to be connected with the robbery.

University Police ask that anyone who may have any information about the incident call them at 753-1212.