“I think that everybody here who is complaining needs to get a life. I’ve been out in the real world, had a real job and came back. I’m glad I have something to complain for. It’s no fun out there; be glad that you’re still living on your parent’s money.”

On paper…

“This might sound really picky but every TV listing I’ve looked at in the past week has 12 p.m. after 11:30 p.m.. It’s 12 p.m. after 11:30 am.”


“I just think that CAB made a very big mistake canceling the band yesterday [Oct. 13].”

“I’m calling in reference to the P. Nice Joplin story. I’m calling to say that I feel what CAB has done is wrong because they did make an oral contract with this band, promotions had been set. And now that CAB banned them from playing at the last minute they have ruined their image more by not allowing the band to play because they’re proving themselves to be discreditable.”

“I feel it was wrong that CAB banned a band from performing after they promoted it and everything. I think that CAB broke an oral contract by banning the band play and I think that was wrong.”

“What CAB did to P. Nice Joplin was really horrible. They should have at least let them play. How can they ban them without hearing a note. They should have at least heard them. Or if they’re not going to let them play they should have at least paid them.”

“Honestly what is more offensive? A band whose fliers are approved by UP&A or a band who uses vulgar and obscene language throughout their show. Personally I think CAB made the wrong decision. Don’t you?”

“On the one hand the CAB should not be using the public tax payer money to fund anything. On the other hand, no matter how wrong a group’s philosophy is or how offensive their fliers are the UP&A does not have a right to censor them.”

“I would like to know why the CAB is sponsoring a ladies’ night out at the Sugar Shack. I perceive a double standard at work here. Men are constantly being criticized for insensitively portraying women as sex objects, but I have not seen any CAB-sponsored lingerie shows in Diversions or CAB-sponsored tours of the Paperback Grotto. Pardon my ignorance but doesn’t a CAB sponsored trip to the Sugar Shack send a message that this university condemns the sexual exploitation of women while promoting the sexual exploitation of men?”

On column…

“I’m calling in response to Gina Fanelli’s Homecoming column. I would just like to say that I wholeheartedly agree with her. Homecoming is just a Greek extravaganza which the rest of campus is alienated from. And that any alumni who come back for Homecoming are obviously losers who haven’t gotten on with their life yet.”

On cartoons…

“ABCD Goldfish is an excellent cartoon. It is very humorous and I find it very funny.”

“I wish that people would leave ABCD Goldfish alone. I think it’s a very funny comic strip and I like it a lot.”

On multiculturalism…

“I really don’t ever want to have a multiculturalism class anymore. I’m currently enrolled in MANG 333 and forced to take the workshop that’s being funded. If anyone knew what they’re subjecting us to. It is strictly for entertainment purposes only poorly, poorly structured. I would have to say that I want retribution for the 6 hours that it is taking up because I’m learning nothing in this class.”

“As a student who lives here. I am sick and tired of hearing the whining and griping of the faculty and the transfer students and the students who commute everyday. Try living somewhere and having to wait half an hour for a parking spot that is remotely close to where you live. You all get to drive home and put your cars in nice garages or park in front of your house. I have to take sometimes a half mile walk to get from my car to my house.”

“I still just don’t get Pauly Shore.”

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