Original is good

In response to the letter entitled “CAB sucks” (Oct. 5) I’d like to say that just because a band isn’t played on B96 or isn’t on the top ten list doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be hired to perform here at Northern. Personally, I would much rather see performances by innovative and creative musicians such as Primus or Faith No More than an inane, unoriginal performer like Vanilla Ice. Just because you’ve never heard of a band doesn’t mean they suck. Isn’t one of the major aspects of college life experiencing new ideas and impressions? Let Kris Kross and L.L. Cool J. play at the World Theater or the Rosemont Horizon. College campuses should cater to the college crowds, not the commercialized masses, and “college” bands are usually bands which teeny-bops and trend followers have never heard of. Anyway, I don’t think Kris Kross or Vanilla Ice would even play here at Northern. There’s not enough money in it for them, and that’s all bands like that are in the music business for, money. They certainly don’t care about such trivial things like talent or creativity. Instead of saying “CAB sucks” we should be saying “Commercialized, Artless, Bands suck.”

Jill Archie


English Major