Burning Cross Outrages


I have to say I personally am outraged by the burning of the cross in front of Lutheran Campus Ministries. I do not believe the shooter to have been a victim but I do believe as many have written that it is the job of the church to show tolerance towards all. In this light six crosses were erected to stand for the grieving families. It is intolerance and disrespect such as this act which continues to fuel the violence in this world, whether directed towards a human being or society in general. This type of discord is what the shooter and others who commit acts of violence and destruction hope to accomplish. I feel it will be a sad day when we allow the events which took place on February 14th to divide our campus community. You do not have to agree with every opinion which is put forth in this world but that does not mean the opinions or beliefs of others are less important or meaningful than our own. If an individual does not agree with the erection of six crosses or any other display for that matter than one can choose to make the mature decision and ignore the material they deem offensive rather than causing destruction. Perhaps what our campus could use most right now is tolerance and respect for opinions and beliefs which differ from our own.