Soulja Boy concert disrespects Women’s History Month


March is Women’s History Month and what better way is there to celebrate such an occasion than by “Superman-ing dat ho?”

On Friday, Soulja Boy, a teenage rap artist known for his songs that include lyrics such as “blow my booty ho,” will perform at the Convocation Center – during Women’s History Month.

Don’t get us wrong.

The Northern Star staff likes to “crank that Soulja Boy” as much as the next college student and certainly takes note of the effort on behalf of Campus Activities Board and the Convo to bring a popular act to DeKalb.

However, this particular artist performs songs with titles such as “I’m Jocking on Yo Bitch Ass,” “Booty Meat” and “Girl U Stank, Take A Bath (The Remix).”

We understand that the Convo and CAB have an obligation to bring entertainment that appeals to college students to NIU, and for that, we are thankful. Not too long ago, the Northern Star published an editorial about the lack of performers coming to NIU.

However, the choice to bring Soulja Boy, especially during Women’s History Month, could seem to some as distasteful and even inappropriate.

Some of his lyrics, such as “Soulja Boy off in this ho,” are demeaning and offensive to women and men alike.

Bringing a performer such as Soulja Boy during a month that is intended to highlight the accomplishments of women is a contradiction.

We are not asking for CAB and the Convo to hold performers to unreasonable or old-fashioned standards, but there are plenty of musicians who appeal to students who do not opt to “cock on your bitch.”

The Northern Star appreciates the effort of CAB and the Convo in bringing popular musicians to NIU, but there could have been better, less offensive possibilities.

We would rather not “pimp-slap dat ho.”