Train robbed following accident

By Chelsea Irving

A Chicago and Northwestern train was robbed during an accident investigation after the train struck a car on Sunday.

The accident happened after a Chicago man accidentally drove his car onto the tracks. The driver of the car, Joseph J. Jackson, 20, had been heading west on Lincoln Highway. He then made a right turn, apparently believing he was driving into an alley.

The car then became stuck on the tracks. All occupants of the vehicle quickly exited the car.

DeKalb Police Sgt. Bill Feithen said a westbound train then struck the right rear of the car. No one was injured during the impact.

The vehicle was shoved into a traffic signal control box. The signal box, located at the corner of Fourth Street and Lincoln Highway, was destroyed. The intersection currently is being mediated by temporary stop signs.

After the accident, Jackson was ticketed for driving without proof of insurance.

While the train was stopped for the accident investigation, two men allegedly boarded the train and stole some of the cargo.

An officer was flagged at 300 E. Lincoln Hwy. by bystanders who saw the two men taking the items from the train. They had apparently boarded the train and entered a semitrailer.

DeKalb Police arrested Russell T. Head, 26, 320 Algonquin Road, Joliet, and Thomas A. Kapp, 27, 40 W. Walnut, Roselle. Both were charged with burglary in connection with the incident. Head and Kapp currently are being held in the DeKalb County Jail in Sycamore pending a bond hearing.

This is the second train-related accident in the past eight days.

The first incident, however, was a fatal accident that involved a pedestrian, not a car. The earlier incident occurred only two blocks away at Second Street, just south of Lincoln Highway.