UC debate

The University Council defeated a motion that would require a two-thirds vote to pass an amendment to the bylaws.

Testing waters

The Homecoming Committee held its first event, the recyclable boat race, on Wednesday to a wet, cold start.

‘Vant’ your blood

Two Chicagoland blood centers have issued urgent pleas for volunteer blood donations as their supplies dwindle.


A seminar to be held Oct. 21 will teach women how to protect themselves from dangerous situations.

System shutdown

The Chicago school system is headed for a shutdown because lawmakers can’t keep it open, both parties said.

Clinton compromise

President Clinton and senate leaders headed toward a compromise to avert a clash over Somalia.

Somalia Show

Columnist Mike Royko addresses the recent U.S. military involvement in Somalia.

all o‘ Famers

Six former athletes are being inducted into the NIU Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday before the Homecoming game kickoff.

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oedown Happenings

Today is Western Dress Day and an admissions workshop will offer advice on how to get into graduate schools.

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