NIU’s actions after threat proved effective


Students returning from winter break came back to campus to find it different from when they left.

The juxtaposition of fall finals week and the beginning of the spring semester shows a different environment. Going from strict protocol to a regular security presence, the campus seems to be back to normal.

While students may not remember the solemn, tense mood from the final week of the fall semester, NIU’s reaction was necessary and appropriate, considering the situation regarding the threat that referenced the Virginia Tech shooting.

Locked-down residence halls and increased security during finals week showed students that NIU has policies that it follows through on in the interest of students’ safety.

While some thought the switch of Monday’s finals to Friday created more hassle than anything, there was a bigger situation at hand than just having to stay in town another day. The safety of many outweighed the inconvenience of a few.

Instead of calling a bluff, NIU acted accordingly to keep students updated on an up-to-the-minute basis and took the right steps in this very difficult situation.

More importantly, NIU kept community members completely informed through the university Web site and even made available to the public several hot lines as the situation developed.

While the final days of last semester were, for many individuals, intense and alarming, the actions taken by NIU were the right ones. In an unenviable and near unmanageable situation, the university responded swiftly and

appropriately, something those in the NIU community should take note of and appreciate.

The Northern Star editorial board congratulates NIU and the supporting communities for their response to a difficult situation.