A reader’s guide to the eventual Big West champ


Excuse the expression, since it has become grossly over-used in the past week, but the Big West Conference standings are becoming wild.

The way things are shaping up, a champion will not be decided by conference record alone. Chances are at least two teams will end up at 5-1 when the season ends.

As of now Louisiana Tech. and the San Jose State Spartans are the only two teams with undefeated records, but guess what?

They’re only 1-0.

Neither squad is going to win their final five games of the season unless some incredible stroke of luck is bestowed upon them.

The Spartans showed they should be a team to be reckoned with after tearing apart New Mexico State 52-13 on Saturday. Also, Louisiana Tech. and the Spartans will meet next week, which will leave just one remaining undefeated team in the Big West.

Both teams will take on the Nevada Wolf Pack, who figure to win the rest of their games on the strength of their quarterback Chris Vargas and two All-American candidates at wide receiver.

The Wolf Pack did a great favor for the Huskies last Saturday by defeating Utah State 48-44 and, for the most part, knocking them out of the hunt.

Assuming two more Huskie victories over Louisiana Tech. (1-0) and Southwestern Louisiana (1-1) it could be up to Nevada to settle NIU’s fate.

The Wolf Pack have helped NIU out with the win over Utah State and could once again help the Huskie’s cause with a victory against San Jose State on November 6th.

If this happens, and NIU does go 5-1, head coach Charlie Sadler’s squad takes the conference via the tiebreaker system set up in the conference.

Even if Nevada and Louisiana Tech go 5-1, NIU wins those tiebreakers with head-to-head victories, once again assuming a win at La. Tech. on October 30th.

O.K. so far?

If San Jose State goes 5-1 after losing to Nevada – NIU wins because Nevada beat San Jose and we beat Nevada.

Granted it’s still early, but this scenario is more than realistic and puts into perspective the magnitude of the Huskies’ final home game this weekend against Southwestern La.

One more thing.

When watching for the Nevada scores on the television November 6th, pray that they’re winning.

It could mean the season for the Huskies of NIU.