Faculty issues

The Faculty Senate meeting today will include topics such as filling the Provost position and faculty parking problems.

Chief choosing

DeKalb begins its first search in 24 years for a fire chief, after Jeff Long’s retirement.

Equal parking for all?

A Student Association resolution approved Sunday will leave as much as half of the new parking garage’s spots open to non-students.

Allied for equality

The Women’s Alliance is an NIU-based group whose focus is to preserve the equality of women and dispel stereotypes.

Alpha Delta Pi, the house of the week, attributes its unity to the many personality types in the sorority.

U of I criticism

Top administrators at the University of Illinois are criticizing the school for its lack of a passionate belief in affirmative action.

Term time

State Treasurer Patrick Quinn proposed amendments Tuesday which would limit lawmakers’ and constitutional officers’ terms to eight years.

Huskie standout

Huskie cornerback Eddie Davis got where he is today by hard work and determination.

Info meeting

El Pueblo Unido will conduct an informational meeting at 7:30 tonight.

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