Write your mother

In response to I.M. Sexist, if you would like to take a moment and tear yourself away from your alcohol-consuming activities, I would like to express a few feelings on your article concerning your view on women. Obviously, you wanted attention and a rise out of the female gender. How could one not contend your ideas when being degraded so unfairly? When you chose a topic such as women’s roles and attitudes, of course you were going to get a negative reply from most of the females here at NIU. Your use of women as a controversial topic was very tasteless and immature. There are much more important issues facing the world today that could be debated upon.

First of all, you deemed yourself unworthy of any king of praise or criticism from writing this article. You see, most people think that expressing such strong opinions without leaving a name is very cowardly. Are you afraid of the various bomb threats to your room that would be sent by angry females?

Clearly, you have had some type of bad experience with women that leaves you feeling a little bitter. But, as the saying goes, why let one bad grape spoil the whole bunch? Therefore, you shouldn’t base your opinion on the actions of one female, or even one hundred. There are billions of women in the world, and that is one fact that you cannot change.

Immediately, you knew that you were going to lose 50 percent of your readers, yet I disagree. Most of us went on to read yet another typical opinion of a male, ignorant of the roles of the female gender. May you also remember, women account for much more than 50 percent of your audience. Women are now doctors, who, in the future, may save your life or that of a loved one. Women are lawyers, representing alleged criminals, who in many cases, turn out to be men. Women are teachers, who extend their wisdom to children, our future, so that they can learn from the mistakes of today to better themselves. Need I say more? The list seems to be endless. These are the ‘90s, not the Dark Ages. So if you would please awaken from your drunken stupor, I hope you realize that women play an important role in society, and we are here to stay.

Finally, may I remind you that you would not have even been able to publish your article without the help of a woman? This woman is the one who gave birth to you: your mother. By the way, did you make a copy of your article to send home as a lovely Mother’s Day gift for next May?

Sheryl Winters