Not surprised

Why am I not surprised?

This is in reference to the statement attributed to Gary Vandenberg in the article titled “Campus Parking Crisis …” on page 3 of The Northern Star, Oct. 7th., where “the decision has not been made about how the permit spaces will be divided.”

Are we to believe that before a multi-million dollar structure was built that someone didn’t take the time to assess the parking needs and utilization of existing space and formulate a usage plan for the new structure being built in the “middle” of campus?

If the answer to this question is “No, we forgot,” let me offer my suggestions in an effort to ease the minds of all concerned:

Since the structure is located close to the majority of the buildings that house most of the offices that are staffed by Civil Service Staff personnel and likewise fairly close to the classroom area(s), it would seem only fair, in keeping with the finest NIU traditions, that the parking spaces in the new garage be first allocated to faculty and staff that work in such areas as Printing Services, Personnel, Central Stores, Engineering, Hoffman Estates, Cary, etc. This would then free up many spaces in these outlying lots, where there is usually not a shortage of space, making it then possible for the people who work in Bursars, Student Financial Aids, Altgeld, Lowden, Zulauf, HSC, etc. to have their pick of spots, with seldom a worry about not being able to find a place. Then, since all of the outlying lots are serviced by either a Huskie Bus or a Shuttle Bus, everyone could simply take the bus to get to work, knowing that the bus would be at or near capacity for each and every trip (in both directions!!) that it would make, especially during the early morning and late afternoon runs, minimizing the waste of valuable resources like this campus has never seen.

Dave Kolars

Central Stores