Tackling the issues

This year the Student Association has decided to tackle many important issues: the formation of a multi-culturalism class, the reformation of the Student Tenant Union and the publication of teacher evaluation. At the same time, the SA is advocating for student rights in the areas of parking, transportation and tuition. Despite all these issues, students feel that they do not have a say in the Student Association’s agenda. As a result, the Student Association is providing all students the opportunity to voice their concerns at the next Presidents’ Meeting to be held at 9 p.m. on Oct. 19 in the Heritage Room of the Holmes Student Center.

At the last Presidents’ Meeting, Dr. Barbara Henley, vice president of Student Affairs, and representatives from the Athletic Department were invited to speak. Although the majority of the meeting was informative, student leaders had the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding campus life, which have led to this month’s Presidents’ Meeting’s topic: Construction on and around campus and its effects on students. A representative from the Mass Transit Board, Charlotte Chambers, will also be available to discuss the difficulties and solutions of the Huskie Buses during this chaotic construction period.

As students and faculty have already experienced, the numerous construction projects have created many headaches for everyone. The Huskie Bus routes have been altered as the result of construction, which will continue to occur until the Lucinda and the Lincoln Highway Projects are completed. Upon the termination of all the construction projects, students will see a more improved Northern Illinois University with facilities, such as the Campus Life Building, the Parking structure and the various academic buildings being erected, catered to the needs of students.

In addition to the Presidents’ Meeting, the SA has implemented its “Outreach Program,” where senators are required to meet with student organizations at least one time per semester in order to effectively communicate the business of the Student Association senate and Executive Branch. This “Outreach Program” will further enable the SA to be more informed about student opinions, especially those programs the SA plans to implement.

So if anyone wishes to express their opinion on the current issues facing students, please join the Student Association at 9 p.m. on Oct. 19, 1993 in the Heritage Room.