NIU graduate wins honor from graphic arts group

By Jean Volz

There is living proof that dedication, hard work, internal drive and a degree from NIU are all essential parts of a foundation for future success in life.

On Sept. 21, Denise Barber Steinberg, a 1977 graduate of NIU will receive the “Woman of the Year” award from Women in Design/Chicago, an association of graphic arts professionals founded in 1977.

Steinberg received her Bachelor of Arts degree from NIU in 1977, majoring in Studio Art. She continued her education here, earning her Master of Arts degree in art history in 1981.

This creative designer will be honored by Women in Design/Chicago for her contributions to the design field, particularly the strong example she has set for other women designers.

Being a top designer, mother and wife, Steinberg has proved that determination and hard work can lead to success for working moms.

Eight years ago, Steinberg was a fledgling business owner, starting her design firm, DMS Design Resource, out of her home.

Three years into her venture, this career minded professional gave birth to her now 4 year-old-daughter, Arielle.

The impending need to update her firm through the use of computers became unavoidable, thereby placing Steinberg in the position of juggling the challenges of running a growing business and raising a young child.

These demands made Steinberg’s life quite complex; however, despite the pressures this working mom encountered, she has moved her business forward while still maintaining a meaningful presence in her daughter’s life.

Steinberg reflected, “Of all my accomplishments, I am most proud of the fact that my greatest career strides occurred after the birth of my child.”

She also attests that she is living proof that a career can be enhanced by having children. She believes that as more women face the challenge of balancing both career and family responsibilities, support circles will increase.