Attacks believed to be related

By Chelsea Irving

Two females were attacked last Wednesday, and the DeKalb County Sheriff’s office believes the same person may be responsible for both incidents.

DeKalb County Sheriff Roger Scott said in the early morning hours of Sept. 1, a 22-year-old woman was walking home to her apartment in Suburban Estates on Twombly Road when she was assaulted.

The woman was hit and thrown to the ground by her attacker, who then attempted to tear her shirt off. The victim’s screams caused the assailant to flee the scene before anything else happened.

The victim waited until late Wednesday afternoon to notify the sheriff’s office.

Since that time, the sheriff’s office received another complaint of a second woman in the area who was also the victim of an attack.

In that case, the victim was grabbed in a provoking manner, but was able to get away without further incident. This assault occurred just 10 minutes prior to the other attack.

The suspect in both cases is believed to be the same individual because both victims gave identical physical descriptions.

The attacker is described as a white male in his early 20’s, approximately 5 foot 7 inches in height, with a slender build. He has short, light-colored hair with long bangs. At the time of both attacks, he was wearing a black shirt and black cutoff sweat pants.

On Monday, the DeKalb County Sheriff’s office said they had no new information about the case.

Anyone with information concerning these cases is urged to call the sheriff’s office at 895-2155 or Crime Stoppers at 895-3272.