Who blessed her?

Why and when did it happen? When exactly did God come down on this earth of ours and bless Tinamarie Gonzalez to criticize every individual that does something she deems “mindless?” Ms. Gonzalez, it would seem, has not found her place in society, or perhaps I should say, REALITY. Perhaps I’ll aim this at the attack on “Beavis and Butthead” watchers. Hello! My 50 year old mother watches the show and derives great pleasure from the inane banter the two seem to pass off as conversation. Of course, my mother doesn’t think anyone is shallow enough to think that she would condone such behavior from her 23-year old prelaw student. Perhaps Ms. Gonzalez should realize that none of us are actually so caught up in our own flatulence that we would ignore a downed jet airliner in distress. Shyeah, as if.

Surprise to you, Ms. Gonzalez, with many people today juggling two jobs, children and some even add college to that aspect, we don’t all have the time to deal with half-hour infomercials dealing with the negative aspects of river pollution or other topics that some may think the media is skimping out on. Let’s face it, if I am to watch television in the 1990s, it damned well better be entertaining enough to hold my attention, or for that matter, anyone else’s. Yes, even the local news must do something to alleviate all of the downside of today’s world. I don’t know if Ms. Gonzalez has become aware of it, but nearly an entire evening’s newscast is filled with murders, bombings, threats, or other unattractive events that are indeed classified as news. Regardless of how terribly depressing that may seem, I will not shun any member of ANY local newscast for trying to add a little humor to an otherwise downcast broadcast. Suffice it to say, Ms. Gonzalez needs to get into touch with some hard-core reality before she makes snap judgments, on anything.

Bussell Unger