Meant to encourage

The fact that my letter merited a response pleases me immensely. While I had hoped to see a change in content, I did not expect a rebuttal such as Ms. VanHoose found it necessary to send.

Unfortunately Ms. VanHoose mistakes much of what I wrote and draws conclusions based on her own assumptions, which are made in ignorance. For example, she states that I do not relate to civil rights or American Indian issues. She is wrong: I am an avid supporter of both civil rights and Native American (the word “indian” is not politically correct) issues, yet I’ve been reading the same arguments in the Star since freshman year.

Never once in my letter did I mention The Northern Star’s columnists. In fact, I find no PROXIMITY between the Star’s columns and the student letters they choose to print. I also find interest in columns about health care, cancer cures, and brotherly love, even though Miss VanHoose believes the contrary is true. Still, she is correct that I would find God an unintelligent topic, since one would have to specify whether it be the God of the Muslims, Christians, Hindus, or Native Americans.

Finally I would like to apologize to the students of NIU for the “condescending” air of my letter. My point was to encourage letters from more people than just students at this university. Perhaps it stems from naivete on my part to assume that one could intelligently address an important issue in 350 words. Ms. VanHoose has most certainly proved that 350 words is more than enough to write a letter lacking intelligent thought.

John Hausmann


French: Language and Literature