Condoms, safety ensured

By Derek Wright

College students have a tendency to have sex. Whether with “Mr./Ms. Right” or with “Mr./Ms. Right Now,” and the campus spends $15,000 a year making sure, whichever the case, a student is safe.

Each year 150,000 condoms are made accessible by Health Services to support safe sex and healthier individuals – and they’re free. Not to mention Health Services offers numerous types of birth control and prescribed methods of contraception through the pharmacy and doctors.

NIU has a great situation when it comes to protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases at a low cost to the students.

Throughout the year, $15,000 allocated from student fees means each student give less than $1 to be safe.

Health Educator Steve Lux stated in the Nov. 2 Northern Star, “I believe we have one of the more aggressive condom availability programs in the country.”

It’s a great resource to have condoms and contraception options easily accessible for students on campus. It shows student’s behaviors, though sometimes frowned upon, are watched over and made safer by Health Services – which is where we would go likely if something was to go wrong.

The NIU Health Services Web site states there are birth control options for women through the office. It also states how to get appointments and provides phone numbers to make said appointments.

Health Services truly is looking out for the students and their sexual behaviors. It provides pregnancy tests for women, check-ups for women and men and emphasizes sexual health.

Among all of the other care Health Services provide, whether medicine for the nasty colds that have a tendency to circulate throughout the residence halls or the mending of collegiate battle wounds, it wants to make sure individuals are protected and acting safely.

Community Advisors in the Residence Halls have the option to have mass quantities of condoms on hand as a part of the partnership with Health Enhancement’s Condom Availability Program, another way of making sure residents and individuals are safe.

We greatly support this focus by Health Services, making protection easily accessible for college students, who will behave as college students do. They want to make this campus safe and healthy and support responsible behavior by individuals by making it easier to behave responsibly.

Less than $1 per person is a miniscule price to pay for personal and sexual safety.

Now, all college students have to do is take Health Services up on its offer by taking advantage of its offerings and behave responsibly.