Soccer team seeks change


The NIU men’s soccer team has had a disappointing and frustrating season up to this point in the year.

If they ever get things turned around and start winning they will need some great performances from their goal keeper.

And that is a lot to ask considering the Huskies goal keeping corp consists of three freshmen.

At this point in the season their starting keeper happens to be freshman Brad Nordeng.

Nordeng has started and finished all six games for the Huskies this season, and considering the competition he went up against, and the lackluster play of the defense, he has done a pretty good job.

Despite having a 1-4-1 record as a collegiate soccer player he has only allowed 12 goals while recording 39 saves.

Although Nordeng is not the main cause of the team’s problems this season there is a possibility that there could be a goalie change at some point in the near future.

“I see myself getting a chance to play any time now if I keep working hard, that’s all I can do, the rest is in the hands of the coach.”, said Huskie number 2 goalkeeper Brian Hecht.

He is recovering from an elbow injury which he suffered in the pre-season and is just now coming around.

“I think I could’ve given Brad a run for his money without the injury but he has proven he can play.” Hecht said.

Patrick Sullivan is the third goalie on the depth chart for the Huskies. He was injured in high school play last season and has been out of action for a year. While in the Huskies’ pre-season training camp he suffered an ankle injury that hampered his chances of being the number one man in the net.

Even though the three keepers are competing fiercely for the same position there is no bad blood between them as one might think.

“There is a lot of competition between us in practice, but when it comes to game time we’re all on the same team,” Hecht said.