Banning cell phones silly and impractical

When a high school student passes driver’s ed, it’s assumed that he or she can function on the road like adults who have been driving for years.

But recent moves by several states – including Illinois – say differently.

The state is waiting Gov. Rod Blagojevich to sign the proposal into a law to keep young drivers off of cell phones while driving.

Several states such as New Jersey ban the use of cell phones while driving regardless of the patron’s age, and Maine bars drivers under age 21 from dialing up their cells while behind the wheel.

This is just stupid.

The car industry, as well as society in general, has learned to adapt with our culture’s automotive needs.

People once wanted to drive when the sun was down. Was it unsafe? At first possibly. But what happened? Cars became manufactured with headlights.

People once wanted to drive while listening to music? Is it unsafe? Possibly, depending on how distracting the music is. But what happened? Cars are manufactured with countless radio options.

So why can’t people drive while talking on cell phones?

If lawmakers argue that one-handed driving is a problem, how do they justify cars with automatic transmission and cars equipped with cupholders?

Is it the conversation that distracts drivers? Well in that case, ban talking in cars. After all, conversations with fellow passengers are just as distracting as a conversation on a cell phone right?

Nevermind that phone companies have a number of hands-free accessories drivers can use.

Most of all, if cell phone conversations are distracting to teenage drivers, then it can be assumed conversations distract drivers of all ages. Barring younger drivers from talking on the phone because of their extreme youth seems as insane as banning senior citizens because of their extreme age.

Cell phone usage is a fact of the automotive future. Car companies and phone companies have accepted that and adapted already. It’s time for the law to wake up and do the same.

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