Wolfe runs rampant

By Sean Ostruszka

Top 5 sports stories of the 2004-2005 school year …. as voted on by the Northern Star sports staff. With many big events throughout the school year, many notable stories were left off the list.

As summer closes in, the ride for NIU’s Garrett Wolfe is finally coming to a full and complete stop.

Over the past year; the 5-foot-7 running back has seen the highest of highs and lowest of lows. And looking back there is only one way to describe it.

“It’s been like a roller coaster,” Wolfe said. “I never imagined all this would happen at the start of last year. But it’s definitely been my best football year ever.”

Starting the season as a No. 2 back from Holy Cross High School in River Grove, Wolfe didn’t figure he would play much. But in the fourth game of the season, Wolfe had his coming-out party against Bowling Green. The sophomore rushed for 202 yards and three touchdowns after starter A.J. Harris went down with an injury in the first half.

The ride took a sudden drop when Wolfe was unable to play in the Toledo game due to an eye injury from being punched during a fight outside of a bar.

Wolfe rebounded by rushing for 325 yards against Eastern Michigan – setting the NIU single-game rushing record.

He ended his ride with 1,710 yards and 21 touchdowns, including 84 yards and one touchdown in the Huskies’ victory over Troy in the Silicon Valley Football Classic.