112: Pleasure and Pain

By Dillman and SK

112’s new single, “You Already Know,” has been a good hit. It is considered one of the hottest songs out right now and one of their best since “Peaches and Cream.”

More than likely, their new album “Pleasure and Pain” will be a success due to the single. Most people fell for the song because of the lyrics and raw beat. Their new album is filled with lots of surprises, too; nice harmonies, lyrics and, of course, outrageous beats.

This is the first album for the group that contains a “Parental Advisory” label on the cover. It may be a shock for many of their listeners, but this is considered to be one of their hottest albums, and as we all know, sex sells.

Expect to hear less of Slim and more from the other members, which is also a first for this group. Obviously, they are doing bigger and better things. They also have a seductive track with a hypnotic beat called “Closing Da Club,” which features platinum recording artists Three Six Mafia, and is sung with enough passion to make any busy lady break for the party scene.

112 is definitely back on the scene and hotter than ever. Keep your ears open, and expect nothing but good things from this group.