Cheerleaders wanted


Guys, do you have lots of school spirit with no place to show it? Are you a good athlete that likes to travel and see the country? Have you figured out what this article is about yet?

Yes, the Huskies want you! Our nationally ranked cheerleading squad is short by a few men and one mascot this year. If you feel you can step into one of these roles, you’re in luck.

There will be a meeting Tuesday, (not Wednesday like the sign outside the fieldhouse suggests) August 31 at 7:00 p.m. in the football stadium gymnastics gym for anyone looking to become Victor E, the school mascot, or a male cheerleader.

Imagine yourself in front of thousands of people, every one “ooo”ing and “ahhh”ing your every move. Imagine traveling with the football team to every game they play, including Nevada, New Mexico State and Louisiana Tech, all of whom are conference enemies. Imagine competing in the Nationals, a cheerleading tourney to see who’s the best in the country (NIU finished 11th last year).

Now if you show up to the meeting on Tuesday, you may not have to imagine. If you are interested call Mark Ramel at 753-0639.