Wrong votes cast

During the last legislative session, State Rep. Patricia Reid Lindner (R-Aurora) voted against House Bill 1300, which would have given parents the right to be notified if their minor daughter seeks an abortion.

As the parent of three daughters, I supported this bill, which was designed to reinforce parental authority and the family unit. In fact, polls have shown that the vast majority of Americans feel the same way—that parents should be involved in a minor daughter’s decision to have an abortion. After all, she has to have our permission to go on a field trip to the zoo, have her ears pierced, or have medication at school.

Unfortunately, Representatives Lindner, Suzanne Deuchler (R-Aurora), Tom Cross (R-Yorkville), and Doug Hoeft (R-Elgin) put the special interest groups in Springfield ahead of the families and parents in their own districts. Lindner, Deuchler and Cross voted against the bill, and Hoeft dodged the issue by voting “present.”

These four representatives obviously have no respect for parents or families when they’re in Springfield, but they are not anxious for average everyday parents in their districts to know about how they voted on this bill.

Fortunately, a coalition of pro-family organizations tracked and recorded their votes in the state House of Representatives, and we are now exposing their actions. We invite all readers of this letter to do the same. They may be reached at the following numbers.

Patricia Reid Lindner – 708-896-3894, Suzanne Deuchler – 708-896-4021, Tom Cross – 708-553-0000, Doug Hoeft – 708-622-1048.

Lawrence DeMarino

Executive Director

Family Taxpayer’s Network