Let’s compromise

After reading the article by Brian Slupski on Aug. 24 about expanding the recreation center, I was pleased to see that the overcrowding problem was being addressed, but I was perturbed to read the main reason why this has to be done is that “if the money is not spent to expand the rec center, it would be spent on another construction project.” While I think the rec center should improve its overcrowding situation, I think other construction proposals should be considered as well. I think I can speak for everyone who has been a student or an instructor in McMurry Hall that if there is money available that MUST be used, why not spend a little to air-condition an older building? I know it’s only like this for four months a year, but it would certainly be more conducive to teaching and learning, which is the purpose of this institution – right? Or is it giving the recreation center whatever it wants to improve a building that dates to 1895! I’m sure there are many other buildings that need repair, so when we’re considering how to spend this construction bond money, please consider all options. Maybe we could still expand the rec center but possibly shave off one of the two new basketball courts and add a little relief with air conditioning to those in McMurry. Let’s compromise, not give all the capital to one place. With the cuts in education this may be NIU’s last chance to improve some of its facilities.

Rich Schefke