Comptroller lists money owed

By Jessica Kalin

Web users can now go to the Illinois comptroller’s Web site and see if the state owes them any money.

The state of Illinois is sitting on more than $35 million in uncashed state checks.

The money is the result of 160,000 unclaimed state income tax refunds, state payroll checks, retirement checks and payments to commercial vendors.

The Web site asks residents to fill in their information, such as name and Social Security number. The Web site will then determine how much money, if any, the user is owed.

As of Nov. 12, the Web site had 9,000 hits, with 100 people receiving refunds, said Alan Henry, state comptroller communications director.

“By enhancing our Web site, we are making it much easier for people to figure out whether they are owed money,” State Comptroller Dan Hynes said.

By filling out required paperwork, people can find out if they are able to receive the money. If residents are eligible, checks should be mailed out within four weeks.

Any check more than five years old cannot be reclaimed. The minimum check value the state issues is $1.

Any amount under $5 is not posted on the Web site.

Checks are issued to the entitled person, an heir or a qualified third party, said Richard Damron, supervisor for the adjusting section of the comptroller’s office. The heir or third party must substantiate their entitlement with documentation.

Damron said the process is tight enough not to process fraudulent claims. The unclaimed money is put into a general revenue fund.

The fund helps pay for travel expenses, some legislative salaries and Medicaid.

The Web site is updated daily.

“It is their money and not ours,” Damron said.

To search for money owed, visit For more information, call 217-785-1128.